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Визы в Россию

Visa to Russia is a document that is necessary to any foreigner (except some former USSR republics) for the purpose of crossing the Russian border. Visas are issued by Russian Consulates in your home country, based on an invitation (a visa support letter) from a Russian party. The price for getting a visa invitation in our company is 30 USD To obtain an invitation letter you should fill in the Russian visa application form that you can find here and send it to our e-mail grandturt@inbox.ru.
The process of making visa consists of several steps:

STEP 1. Before application to Russian Consulate you need to choose visa type more suitable for you. Options are:

TOURIST VISA is issued to travelers who have booked accommodation in Russia for non-business reason. A tourist visa is best when you know exactly where and how long you will be staying without diverting from your planned itinerary, wishing to stay in Russia no longer than 30 days and need a single-entry visa only .

BUSINESS VISA is more suitable for long (up to 1 year) trips and frequent visits. This visa type is popular not only with foreigner businessmen coming in Russia on business but also with tourists. It is very convenient for those coming to Russia more than once. It takes more time to get it and more expensive than tourist visa.
Having chosen the proper visa type you need to get visa invitation. For getting it you should fill in our application form which will be sent to you on your demand.

Visa Support documents will be sent to you by Email or by fax. In some cases Russian Consulate requires original documents. We , ll send you originals, if necessary, by courier mail. Courier mail fee is to be paid additionally.
STEP 2. Contact the Consulate.
Having received visa invitation you should contact the Russian Consulate. You can find the closest one to you by Consulate locator .
In all cases, you have to present the following papers to the Consulate:
1. Russian visa invitation
2. Original passport with at least 2 empty pages (passport must be valid for
6 months after expiry date of your Russian visa)
3. Two Russian visa application forms completed and signed (you can
take this form in your local Russian Consulate or grab it from the Consular web-site)
4. Two color passport-size photo signed on the back (in different Consulate can
be from 1 to 3 photos)
5. Paid Consular fee
For some types of visas and for citizens of some countries the Consulates may demand the following documents:
- Medical insurance;
- Work or residency permit;
- HIV certificate (for visas issued for more than 90 days);
- Proof of sufficient funds for your stay in Russia;
- Other.
Important: The Consulate has the right to invite you for a personal interview or refuse to give you a visa without explanation.
STEP 3. Visa Registration
According to the Russian laws foreigners should register their visas within 3 working days upon arrival.
1. If you are staying at a hotel, the hotel will make the registration of your russian visa. You will be asked of your visa and passport. A small registration fee can be imposed.
2. If you are not staying at a hotel, and travel on a tourist visa, you will have to make registration of your Russian visa at the Passport and Visa Department of the local Police Precinct.
3. If you do not know how to make registration please contact us.
The documents presented for registration are passport with valid Russian visa and migration card. The registration stamp will be done on the back side of migration card. Note that if you need our visa support you also need to have the insurance that will cover all days of stay here in Russia. The price of insurance from our company for one day is 1.20 (1-15 day of stay) and 1 USD from the 16th day of stay.
If you need a help or have some questions just send e-mail message to info@gt-russia.com or give us a call +7-3452-486672 and we will answer you within one working day.

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